Coconut Chia Pudding Bowl  15

seasonal berries, kiwi fruit, passionfruit, coconut jelly & buckwheat clusters  [v,veg,gf]

Cinnamon Apple & Rhubarb Porridge  15

rhubarb compote, vanilla apples, dehydrated fruit, yoghurt foam & almond praline  [veg, v option]

Lemon Myrtle Panna Cotta  14

macerated strawberries, compressed watermelon, mandarins & wattleseed granola [veg, gf option]

Banoffee Hotcake  16

caramelised banana, banana curd, chocolate crumble & espresso mascarpone [veg]

Avocado on Toast  17.5

freshly crushed avocado with ashed goats cheese, toasted seeds, grilled lemon, heirloom tomato salad & green tea salt served on toasted rye  [v, veg, gf option]

Mr Benedict  19

two poached eggs, jamon serrano, pickled red onions, apple & minted
cider hollandaise  [gf + veg option]

Sriracha Chilli Scrambled Eggs  17.5

charred zucchini, cucumber slaw, sesame seeds, crispy shallots & roti bread

Truffled Mushrooms  19

new season wild mushrooms, truffle foam, pecorino cheese, tuscan kale & poached egg served on home made corn bread  [v, veg & gf option]

Thai Corn Fritters  18

with young coconut salad, green papaya, beanshoots, betal leaf, chilli caramel & spiced eggplant relish  [veg]

Alpha Wolf  22

maple glazed bacon steak, herbed potato rosti, fried egg, three bean bake,
beetroot relish & manchago cheese croquette  [veg & gf option]

Eggs of Choice on Toast  11

poached, scrambled or fried

On the Side

+ wood smoked bacon  5

+ maple glazed bacon steak  7

+ sous vide salmon / chicken  9   

+ avocado with green tea salt  6

+ truffled mushrooms  5

+ lemon spinach & kale  4

+ three bean bake  4

+ herbed potato rosti  4

+ ashed goats cheese or persian fetta  4.5

+ heirloom tomato salad  4

+ beetroot relish  3

+ apple cider hollandaise  3

+ extra egg  3

+ selected toast  3

Selected Toast, Butter & Condiments  8

sourdough, multigrain, rye, corn bread, fruit loaf or gluten free

Superfood Salad  16

ancient grains, dry fruit, smoked almonds, toasted seeds, persian fetta, pumpkin, steamed greens & apple cider dressing  [veg / gf / v option]

48hr Lemongrass Beef Rib  19.5

marinated & slow cooked beef rib with brown rice, beanshoots, betal leaf, fermented wombok, pickled cucumber, nam jhim sauce & crispy shallots

Hand Rolled Pumpkin Gnocchi  23

blue cheese sauce, tuscan kale, broad beans, chervil & pinenuts  [veg]

Creole Fried Chicken Burger  17

green tomato relish, coddled greens, corn aioli

Chilli Salt Calamari Burger  19

minted peas, coleslaw & seaweed tarte

Breakfast Burger  15

wood smoked bacon, fried egg, cheddar, red onion jam, rocket & brown apple sauce

All our burgers are served on a buttermilk bun with a side of ancient grain salad [gf option available]

+ polenta chips  4

+ french fries  4    


LITTLE ONES  under 12 years

Pikelets  10

with maple syrup & vanilla ice cream 

Toy Soldiers  8

soft boiled egg & toast fingers

Smashed Avocado on Toast  7

freshly crushed avocado & selected toast

Fresh Fruit & Yoghurt  5

seasonal fruit & pot set yoghurt


small plates

Corn & Manchago Cheese Croquette  ea 3.5

with chipotle aioli  [veg]

Warm Marinated Mt Zero Olives  7

with rosemary, chilli, garlic & citrus  [veg]

Polenta Chips  7

with chipotle aioli  [veg & gf]

Chilli Salt Calamari  11

with lime & saffron rouille  [gf]

French Fries  6

+ bacon & cheese  3

v - vegan | veg - vegetarian | gf - gluten free

15% Surcharge Public Holidays. 1.6% Surcharge AMEX

substitution graciously declined on Public Holidays










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